Together is a beautiful place to be

Congratulations, you are getting married. A wedding ring is not only a powerful symbol. According to us at Franssen Jewelers, it is also a treasure to cherish. Most couples come together to our store to choose their wedding rings. An important step in preparing for your most beautiful day. It is an honor for us to assist you in this.

Below you will find the different types of wedding rings in our collection. It is not necessary for both to wear the same ring. We make sure it forms a beautiful whole without it being a cliché.

Maaike + Thibault
Maaike + Thibault
Maaike + Thibault
Maaike + Thibault

Eternity ring

Timeless & elegant

The Eternity Ring is set all around with brilliant-cut diamonds. A flow of sparkle that never ends. The eternity ring is timeless and elegant. A lasting jewel that will always remind you of that romantic day.

We carefully select the most beautiful diamonds one by one to set them in these rings. Only the 0.1% best quality stones are eligible for this. Thanks to their white color, these diamonds look beautiful in yellow, white, or rose gold. What is your preference?

In-house workshop

Wedding proof

Our wedding rings are handcrafted in our own workshop. Thanks to our experience, we know that a wedding ring must be “wedding proof”. We pay attention to the ring’s durability so that it truly is a jewel for life. In addition, we have various ways of setting the diamonds. It’s a subtle difference, but love is also in the details.

Maaike + Thibault

Simplicity is beautiful

Most men opt for a simple wedding ring. It can be beautiful, but it shouldn’t stand out. A rounded ring or one with straight lines? The same with a little diamond for the lady?

Tip: a material that has recently received more attention is natural white gold. The color of this alloy is champagne-colored white gold that looks cool. Ask about it in the store and you will see that it is very masculine.

dinh van

For lovers of design with their own style

The Parisian house dinh van is an international top collection. The jewelry pieces are all examples of modern design. Read more about the brand here.

Carré dinh van

Have you ever looked at the shape of your finger? You will see that it is not perfectly round. That was the inspiration of Jean Dinh Van to develop the carré dinh van collection. Beautiful, square rings with rounded corners.

Le cube diamant, toi et moi

Le cube diamant, toi et moi. This ring conveys a romantic message. The two diamonds on the top are set as toi et moi. One cannot do without the other.

In love with nature

Ole Lynggaard

The nature rings from Ole Lynggaard are so refined and organic. Discover a wide range of wedding rings from Ole Lynggaard with us. For him and for her.


Wedding rings for him

Most men want to go for simplicity. Do you too? Yet a wedding ring can also have something special as long as it remains sober. At the Danish jewelry house Ole Lynggaard, they have completely understood this. Discover the nature rings for men in our store. It is a special feeling to have such a small work of art in your hands.

Design wedding rings

Timeless & elegant

Which color gold do you prefer? It may take some getting used to for men to try on rings. Usually it feels strange in the beginning. We take the time to calmly search for the ring that feels perfect. Come to us and you will see.

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