Gellner was founded in 1967 and since then the family shares a passion for beautiful pearls in exceptional jewelry. Their philosophy is that a pure ocean with a healthy ecosystem leads to more beautiful pearls, and each necklace is perfectly traceable back to the growers. That is unique in the industry.

Marutea Pearls

Breathtakingly beautiful

Located 5000 km away from all harmful influences of modern society lies the Marutea atoll in French Polynesia. This island has everything to produce the most perfect Tahitian pearls. In the pure water of the lagoon, the conditions are perfect. Marutea is completely surrounded by a protected coral reef and the temperature variations are minimal. Moreover, a current passes by that brings extra nutrients to the Pinctada margaritifera oyster. This is unique in the world.

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Gellner celebrates the 20th anniversary of its Castaway collection. It blends raw diamonds and Tahitian pearls into unique creations. You can also find them with white diamonds and South Sea pearls in our store.

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