Rituals of Time – That’s the motto of the German watch brand MeisterSinger. Their watches are known for their simplicity and most notably: they have only one hand.

Limited 15 pieces

Hasselt Edition

Franssen Juweliers had a special Hasselt Edition made by watch brand MeisterSinger. Since 1962, we’ve been deeply rooted in our beautiful city, so it’s time to honor our Hasselt with a special edition of a MeisterSinger watch. With only 15 pieces, this will become a true collector’s item.

Letting go and trusting in time

Meistersinger Primatic

Meistersinger watches are in high demand for their single hand, inspired by the timekeeping used until the 18th century. The latest Primatic is atypical in this regard: a second hand at the bottom indicates the power reserve of the automatic movement. Additionally, the Primatic surprises with a selection of different colored dials and assorted straps. Why not stand out with a yellow leather strap on a blue watch? Discover it in-store.

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