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In 1962, my grandfather, Piet Franssen, started his jewelry store in Demerstraat in Hasselt. He started with modest means but with incredible enthusiasm and drive, which he passed down to his two sons, Willy and Ady, who expanded the business into one of the foremost jewelry stores in Limburg. Since 2002, Willy Franssen has been enjoying his retirement, and the business has been run by my parents, Ady and Jeanine Franssen. As the youngest son, I am still amazed by the enthusiasm and passion for the craft that my parents exude. Every year, they go one hundred percent for surprising new things and excellent service.

Now, the third generation is ready to continue the business. Myself, Willem-Alexander, and my wife, Annelou, have incredibly big dreams for the future. Together with our fantastic team, we are going for it. Come and experience it for yourself by visiting us in Hasselt. You are very welcome at Franssen Jewelers.

Willem-Alexander Franssen

More than 60 years!

In a time where pop-up stores are popping up like mushrooms, we are proud to still be here for our customers. This is not unimportant, because buying a piece of jewelry is all about trust and the right advice.

One dedicated team

The employees of the Franssen family exude the positive and voluntaristic spirit of the house. They hold their customers in high regard and are likewise held in high regard by them.

erik >

“As a certified watchmaker, I am always happy to guide our customers to the perfect timepiece that suits them or to give as a gift to their loved ones. What makes it so special at Franssen is the cozy atmosphere and the wonderful relationship we build with our customers.”

< annemie

“Every customer who walks in here is unique, each with their own personal story. Everyone is looking for the perfect piece of jewelry or watch. It’s up to us to assist and guide them in their search for the perfect match.”

< willem-alexander

As a child, Willem-Alexander grew up in the business, playing with the inner workings of broken watches. Fascinated by the financial world, he pursued a degree in business engineering. He studied in Philadelphia, Montreal, and Amsterdam. “But my dream has always been to continue writing the history of Franssen Jewelers. With new ideas and respect for the past, we continue to build towards a brilliant future.”

^ frieda

“I started working with Jeanine & Ady a few years ago almost by chance. At first, it was a bit awkward, but over time and with good training, I can honestly say that I really enjoy selling jewelry.”

jeanine & ady ^

Full of energy and hope for the future, we continue to work on our beautiful business. We are happy that after more than 35 years, we still work together with pleasure. Thank you for your trust, and see you soon.

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