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We love the jewelry profession in every way. Moreover, we believe that our additional services make the difference. We learned that from our grandfather, Piet Franssen. That’s why you can come to us since 1962 for all kinds of services for your jewelry or watch.


Designing jewelry is a creative process. We gladly embark on this process with you to create a jewel that is completely designed according to your ideas and taste. The team of Franssen Jewelers has the necessary knowledge and years of experience to design a brilliant jewel. Moreover, we guide you to the perfect diamonds and gemstones. After all, Ady and Willem-Alexander Franssen are both diamond experts, and daughter-in-law Annelou is a trained gemologist. We have the knowledge and resources to design a beautiful piece of jewelry with you, which we then manufacture in our own studio.



Do you have a piece of jewelry with emotional value that you would like to have turned into another piece of jewelry? We will work with you to come up with a beautiful upgrade for your existing piece.

Jewelry repairs

Thanks to our years of experience and expertise, we can carry out any jewelry or silver repair. Our specialized professionals ensure a brilliant result. When you come to our store with a damaged piece of jewelry, we can usually advise you immediately on the available options.


Purchase of old gold

Do you have old jewelry that is no longer wearable and you would like to part with it? We buy old gold on a daily basis. Come to our store with your gold so that we can test each piece. Usually, within an hour, you will know the price that we will immediately pay you. You can also come to us to sell old diamonds over 0.30ct.

Do you have a piece of jewelry with emotional value? We will work with you to transform it into a successful piece, giving it a new life.

Watch repairs

You’ve come to the right place for watch repairs at Franssen Jewelers. Our watchmaker, Erik, is able to perform maintenance on most watch models. In addition, we work with the workshops of most top brands, even if you don’t find that brand in our window display. Come visit us, we are happy to give you expert advice.

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