dinh van

The sixties were years of revolution in various areas: politics, music, fashion… The role of women in society changed completely. Jean Dinh Van saw it and decided to create his own brand. What Jean Dinh Van did was a clear break with the past, when jewelry was only worn by ladies of the elite during chic soirées. He designed jewelry for the modern, working woman. A daring move for a young designer, but a great success to this day. The house of Dinh Van became one of the leading jewelry brands for wearable jewelry.

Le Cube Diamant

A paris fashion week-worthy combo

Le Cube Diamant – earrings from the Parisian brand Dinh van, eternity halo ring from Franssen Heritage, and flex bracelets from Bron.

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A delicate and minimalist variant of the “closure as jewelry” concept of the Parisian brand dinh van. The Serrure bracelet looks beautiful with delicate jewelry like the Infinity earrings from Bigli.

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