MeisterSinger Hasselt Edition


Together with MeisterSinger, Franssen Jewelers launched the MeisterSinger Hasselt Edition. Below you will find all the information about this exclusive watch.

Limited edition of only 15 copies

The launch of this unique timepiece took place during a typical Hasselt evening.

In the presence of the mayor and alderman, we organized a walk through our beautiful city with a city guide. Then a tasty drink and dinner at Bistro Bottega, where a real gin distillery used to be. Accompanied by the L&M band who sang in Hasselt dialect. A delightful evening that was enjoyed by the 15 owners of the Hasselt MeisterSinger watch.


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    MeisterSinger Hasselt Edition

    Franssen Juweliers had a special Hasselt Edition made by the watch brand MeisterSinger. We have been deeply rooted in our beautiful city since 1962, so it’s time to honor our Hasselt with a special edition MeisterSinger watch. With only 15 copies, this will be a true collector’s item.

    Through the glass back of the watch case, you can admire the automatic movement. For this Hasselt Edition, something special was added: the skyline of Hasselt was applied to the glass. For the design of this skyline, we called upon local artist and illustrator Pieter Kabergs. Willem-Alexander and Pieter met in Amsterdam, where the young artist executed a very special project. He made drawings for a month in exchange for a place to sleep or a meal. Willem-Alexander and Annelou took him in in exchange for a beautiful drawing of the building they lived in in Amsterdam. That work now hangs beautifully in the living room of their apartment in Hasselt. A nice souvenir of a great time in Amsterdam and the beginning of a beautiful friendship with illustrator Pieter.

    A unique style

    In addition to visionary comics, many genres of drawings pass through this young image maker’s hands, from children’s illustrations to the female body. “A teacher once told me that I didn’t really have my own style. That I could handle many different drawing styles, both manually with pencil, ink, pen, … as well as digitally and everything in between. He called this a strength, but at the same time it can be a weakness since customers usually choose an illustrator for their own unique style. “So I’m still actually looking for my style,” says Pieter. Although the wrist of the young artist is currently bare, he greatly appreciates the system and appearance of a beautiful watch. “I am extremely proud to be part of the watchmaking world by being able to work as an illustrator with a company like Franssen Juweliers and a brand like MeisterSinger. I can still remember wearing my watch on my right wrist. Since I am left-handed, it bothered me when I wore it on my dominant arm while drawing,” says the illustrator.

    Big dream

    “I think it can be interesting for an illustrator to be able to sit down with people from different fields to come up with strong new ideas or projects. And of course, there is nothing more fun than seeing your work actually on a product, the MeisterSinger watch is a good example of this.”

    Technical Specifications:

    MeisterSinger Hasselt Edition

    • Dial: Sunburst Blue
    • Case: 40mm diameter in stainless steel
    • Automatic movement with date display
    • Power reserve of 38 hours
    • Sapphire glass front and back
    • Calf leather strap
    • Water-resistant to 5ATM

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